DISH Network Floyd County customers target of scam

DISH Network customers from Floyd County fraud targeted by scammers.

A warning for Dish Network customers issued by the Dish Network that scammers can attack your Dish account. The company says that fraudsters targeting people who use their TV service.

DISH Network Floyd County customers target of scam

They offer a deal, take your account number, charge you for deal, and then deactivate your service.

The Meade family in our area almost fell victim of this new TV scam.

"If they play something like this here in Floyd County clubs, they can do this anywhere," Meade Jasi a customer DISH Network said.

It started with a phone call last week of Mr. Smith and he told that he was from DISH Network TV service. And he said, "Hey, it's time to upgrade your Dish equipment, we have all these offers, 'heavy accent, this kind of thing", Meade said.

The deal seemed too good - improved receiver and a DVR at a greatly reduced price.

Man Jasi Meade has accepted the new features. An appointment will be there for a technician to leave for work on the site. It would cost $95 and could only pay with cash, check or money order.
Then sealed the deal.

"When my husband asked for a piece of information that is the recipient or the identification number for our DISH Network receiver box. That's how they are able to enter our system", said Meade.

Almost immediately received the Meades emails confirmed account information and password change and disabling their 12 years DISH Network service.

Jasi worked briefly for DISH and I knew something was wrong. She contacted a company and explained the situation to the Ministry of fraud.

DISH wrote in an e-mail to WDBJ7, he is known, several similar cases of fraud and regularly inform the third party fraud customers.

Meade says he warned his family and friends to think twice before giving any Information on phone.

"My husband, my daughter did not believe this could really happen, because I have not and do not expect to happen," Meade said.

Dish Network, he said never asks for personal information over the phone when the call initiated by the customer.

If you receive a similar call, hang up, said Dish Network officials and contact the company yourself.