New movie channels added on Asiasat 3s channels frequency list

Asaiasat 3S TV satellite is becoming very good for Television lovers as new movie channels added on asiasat 3s at 105.5 degree East. Currently there is good television channel pack on asiasat 3s for all viewers. The asiasat 3s channels list 2015 includes many good movie channels from Bollywood to Hollywood. Also there are four to five music channels too.

 So, if you have a C band satellite dish antenna and searching for a good C band satellite TV then i suggest you that you should try this TV sat as asiasat 3s has a good footprint coverage map and with also good and popular TV channels in free to air mode and pay TV mode too.

Satellite TV Asiasat 3S 105.5E new television channel

 The popular asiasat 3s channels list free to air include Lotus TV (Hollywood movie television channel showing movies in english), StarMax (Hollywood movie TV channel showing movies in Urdu/Hindi), Azad TV ( shows new Hindi films), Dekho TV (Hindi films), Falak TV (Bollywood songs and movies), and lot more. I will give post about all asiasat 3s channels list free to air and all asiasat 3s channels frequency list 2015 soon. So keep visiting or like us on facebook, google plus or subscribe our news letter to stay updated  about new satellite TV news.

Now, without wasting your more time here is the details of television channels added on asaisat 3s in free to air TV mode.

Satellite TV:  Asiasat 3S 105.5E

Type:           C band TV

Added TV channel:   Hamara TV, GR8 TV,  TEST TV,  JOO music
Mode:                      Free to air TV, test signal

Frequency:              4066 H 4295