Internet TV portal itvmediacenter provides 200000 online TV channels free

Internet TV Portal, a Community-powered internet TV portal offers 200000 online TV channels and streaming content and video service. Families no longer need to pay television packages for enjoying movies and TV shows in the country, and cord cutting has reached new heights thanks to services like Netflix, which offers tens of thousands of movies and TV shows that are becoming only one or a few clicks away. Networks are also finally getting in on the action, including HBO, ESPN and other launch services that transmit premium content without a subscription to pay TV.

Netflix, HBO now as well as WatchESPN are all payment options, however. What if you want to stream content for free? Sure, you can steal the streaming content illegally, but there are plenty of legal options out there too. The key, however, is getting them all in one place, and there is now driven by the community is doing just that service.

Internet TV portal itvmediacenter provide 200000 online TV channels internet tv buy

At this point, almost all significant networks in the country - and in many cases, abroad - it provides a certain amount of streaming content for free. Typically, users have to pay for access to the largest library, but some free options are surprisingly generous.

For example, TBS has a web site and application transmitting live content and gives users free access to a maximum of 10 recent episodes of the most popular programs on your network. Most channels have similar offerings but the problem, of course, is that you need to use hundreds of different applications and websites to access them.

iTVmediaCenter best option for internet TV channels service

A community-driven service called iTVmediaCenter is trying to serve as a single window for the transmission of content. The service offers a free web portal and an application fee, and aims to give users access to 200,000 online TV channels on demand and content with a live streaming content mixed well.

It's not pretty, but it works. iTVmediaCenter has a wide range of television channels, including the contents of the demand for television channels, free TV services like Hulu and Crackle, free movies on demand service, several web-based and more online TV channels. The site also lists paid content sites like Netflix and HBO Go on its website, and joins them for easy access.

I tried the iTVmediaCenter website and although not enough but this worked fine. Instead of jumping from hundreds of different websites that belong to different networks, this site adds them and allows you to stream TV shows and movies on the same portal. One minute I was watching last night's episode of Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

It is noteworthy that if you want to use iTVmediaCenter Windows, Mac or smartphone apps, you   have to pay a one time fee of $15 for online television channels.

However, it is an interesting and useful service, though it could stand to get a fresh coat of look of TV center. Simplicity is there, however, and instantly replaces hundreds of bookmarks and applications with a single search portal.