Reliance digital TV with Visiware now offers iGames on its dth service

Reliance Digital TV partners with Visiware to boost iGames in India. Reliance Digital TV, a direct to home TV service owned by Reliance Communications and DTH arm of Reliance Group, is committed to Visiware, the world's leading interactive television games, to feed the iGames service in its DTH platform.

The Reliance Digital TV customers now will have access to a richer experience and enhanced with double the amount of games for the same price. Accessible via the interactive button on the remote control, the iGames service requires no additional equipment.

Reliance digital TV with Visiware now offers iGames on its dth service

The portal offers a selection of 16 games divided into 4 genera mainly for those aged between 8 and 25 years old to enjoy. Each category offers different selected from a catalog of 300 games and you can select 4 games from them. The portal is updated with 2 sets of games getting updated every month.

The Reliance Digital TV customers can easily subscribe by phone or SMS, to one of the two offers available. Or you can choose the monthly option at Rs. 34 monthly or quarterly select the option at Rs. 101 for 3 months, with fourth month free.

Renovation and improvement of iGames bring additional new features. The portal is updated monthly with 2 new games replacing old without any fee required for both the month and the quarterly subscribers.

Commenting on the alliance Mr.Ashutosh M Srivastava, head of business, Reliance Digital TV said. "We are delighted to partner with Visiware and confident to introduce a new generation of TV sets in the iGames platform The advantage with game service Reliance Digital TV is that it is easily accessible, affordable and can be enjoyed by all family members with no age bar. This opens a huge market, not only in big cities but also in Tier II-Tier III cities and small towns ".

"With this new release, in collaboration with a large network of DTH Reliance Digital TV, we take another step defined in the Indian market. We are very pleased that our games will bring true interactivity to the television market in India, and Visiware and Reliance Digital TV, this is the perfect place to propose an offer of really good art equipment and interactive television. The size distribution is critical in this market and we are proud to be partners with all major operators across Europe, America and Asia. "said Colas Overkott, CEO of Visiware. (EOIC)