Vitec powerful portable HEVC HD encoder and IPTV solution revealed

Vitec solutions reveals the First World HEVC encoder and portable IPTV in 2015 at NAB Show. First introduced Vitec device 100% hardware-based global HEVC Encoding and Transmission revealed at NAB 2015.

Full HD can provide HD content in 1080p60 video and audio in point-to-point or broadcast point-to-multipoint less than a video frame delay

Vitec, a leading global provider of powerful digital video solutions, will launch new products and promising new technologies for professional video, at the NAB Show 2015 April 13 to 16 at the Las Vegas Convention Center present. Visitors to the booth SL6305 Vitec can register for a chance to win a GoPro camera.

Vitec will stand demonstrations of innovative products and advanced video offering products, including the best video function:

PORTABLE HEVC ENCODER: Vitec introduced MGW Ace - first HEVC 100 percent, based on the hardware device in the world for encoding and streaming. MGW Ace is a compact, portable device capabilities and legacy WEVC/H.264 bandwidth best compression. HEVC/H.265 provides effective video and audio quality on streaming. A wide range of I/O and low power compression chip with HEVC Vitec makes it ideal for streaming video, audio and metadata KLV solution while moving on the ground.

IPTV DISTRIBUTION and monitoring solution: award-winning EZ TV IPTV Vitec system is equipped with a new add-on for IPTV and broadcast monitoring. EZ TV provides analysis and statistics of the live video viewing, recording and reporting performance of all time sequences with IPTV tools. The complete new add-on of EZ TV in the provision of IPTV provides quality and compliance dashboards and alerts to the video, audio and metadata services reliably delivered to customers.

ZERO DELAY STREAMING: MGW Sprint is the fastest MPEG-4 H.264 HD codec for HD world. This professional IPTV system with the ability to encode and decode in less than 10 milliseconds, Full HD can provide HD content in 1080p60 video and audio in point-to-point or broadcast point-to-multipoint less than a video frame delay - almost matching systems of uncompressed video cabling latency. Also on display will be the new and improved MGW mobile encoder family, including premium, Nano, Pico and Nano TOUGH, which are now compatible with Zixi error correction technology.

Portable recorders: Vitec developed FS-H50 / 60/70 are versatile HD H.264 standard portable recorders for workflows and applications that require optimal video quality and video file size. Ideal applications include sporting events, news, reviews, meetings and training, monitoring and exchange of online videos, video sharing and streaming.

Best Solution for streaming: Media Asset Management system PX series Vitec ProxSys enables companies to manage, archive, efficiently and securely together with valuable media assets, both within a company and with third powers. With its smooth operation, easy to use working ProxSys PX series offers the functionality and features are required to safe-guard high and low resolution video and audio files, graphics and data.

HEVC decoder card: HDM850 + is HEVC / H.265 decoder Vitec professional card with back-to-back, smooth playback and precise HEVC, H.264 and MPEG-2 over 3G-SDI or HDMI. HDM850 + is designed for end users and system integrators (SDK also available).

4K MOSAIC GENERATOR: Vitec SDI4Mosaic Extender ™ is the best way to get up to four SDI feeds on a single mosaic screen. SDI4Mosaic convert video source 4K HD-SDI to HDMI standard monitor.

"We are proud on MGW Ace, presenting the first mobile/moveable hardware encoder HEVC," said Philippe Wetzel, CEO of Vitec. "Vitec has always been at the forefront of digital video technologies, and our new hardware compression device shows HEVC the company's strategic decision to lead the revolution and HEVC set the bar very high with the most exciting platform for use in HEVC the field."

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