Chromecast app Top chromecast video stream apps that chromecast offers

10 Must have chromecast video streaming apps for streaming digital movies, music and video.

Google Chromecast is the perfect gadget if you are looking for the best way stream movies, TV shows, YouTube and other videos on the web, and to play music from your mobile device to your TV. Just connect the Chromecast in one of the HDMI inputs of your TV, download the official application, and start streaming.

If you're new to chromecast video streaming or you love to view the contents, you must download streaming applications into your library. You can help to find more by searching on Google Play Store for titles containing "Google Cast" (the official name of Google's streaming technology).

chromecast offers free chromecast streaming app for chromecast video streaming

What do you see, you are bound to find something that suits your taste. To view this list as a starting point.

Netflix can also be called the King of streaming and it is the one you should download for your google chromecast. If you are a registered Netflix user, you can browse through the films and television programs faster with this application, you can also use it as a software on the Smart TV or Blu-Ray. If you do not have a subscription, you can sign up for a free chromecast streaming app for 30-day trial.

HBO Go has an incredible amount of cataloged original TV movies and TV shows, sporting events, Hollywood films and documentaries. It is even better if HBO fulfilled its plan to offer direct subscription to HBO Go subscribers. By then, for the content users have to pay cable company or satellite television service.

Plex: How to stream local video to chromecast

If you are searching for how to stream local video to chromecast and If you have a large collection of movies and TV shows on your hard drive. Plex is the best chromecast app to stream content directly from computer to your TV. The pair of $2 apps Plex Media Server on your PC is very good for streaming. The application can then extract the contents of your computer and transfer to Chromecast, frees you from the need to connect the computer to the TV.

PBS Kids
Sometimes the streaming is not for you, there to entertain the little ones. With PBS Kids you get a lot of learning content, so you can feel comfortable that you will not only let your kids become brain rot. The application provides a video "Topic of the Week", which focuses on reading, science, mathematics and other learning problems. You can also stream videos on a favorites list for later viewing or for suggestions of similar content.

Disney movies anywhere
If your kids loves to watch Disney content and you should help your kids by offering different content of frozen and Disney film anywhere else to find them and see Mickey large catalog.

Sign up for a free chromecast streaming app account and you can stream any Disney movie on iTunes, Google Play or DVDs and Blu-ray discs purchased include a digital download code. It is ideal for traveling because you only need your tablet or smartphone and a chromecast video streaming instead of filling a DVD full bag.

Pluto TV
Pluto TV is best for cord cutters and chromecast tv online. Pluto TV is essentially an free television service. Even if it does not come with the backing of a major network channels but have some surprisingly good content, including CBS News, Associated Press, and numerous video offers various music and comedy channel. On signup let the app know what types of video you want, and Pluto binds a custom tailored guide on your interests.

Google Play Music
Google Play Music may not be as popular as Spotify or Pandora, but it works very well with Chromecast. Cast music from your account on TV, or use your All Access subscription fee to hear everything in the Google music catalog.

Vevo is the king of music videos, with most of the best artists hosting their new recordings on the website. Search for your favorite or some of the proposals that focus on what is usually a popular artists. You get more options, such as grouping of your favorite singer or geners when you register for an account.

Watch ESPN
The huge sports broadcasts turns your Android device into a virtual ESPN. Watch ESPN Sports shows live sports events, highlight videos and events. But you need a cable or satellite channels subscription to display the content. It is not for cable cutter now, but adds some flexibility to be able to see your sports programming on a TV that is not connected to the Pay TV service and use it on chromecast tv online.

Google Play Movies
Google has put a lot of effort on the platform of film and television, and you can find almost all of the major studios and television networks. Google is also known to films; in recent times, the severity and the Lord of the Rings. Once a movie is in your account, you can watch anytime, anywhere.

And of Goolge Play Movies is a multi-platform service that allows you to view the contents on an Apple TV or a web browser. By using chrome and Android applications, you can also record video for offline viewing.

The sum up for chromecast tv online apps

We mentioned our 10 farvorite chromecast video streaming applications here, but you will find much more to the Google Play Store. What do you think think of our list? Have we lost one of your favorites free chromecast streaming app? Let us know in the comments below.