Apple tv trick 2015, get best of apple tv with these expert advice

Get more out of your Apple TV with these expert advice and free tricks. Expert advice for Apple TV.

How to get best of apple TV. The features of apple tv can become even more useful and poerful with this collection of 10 tips and free tricks to push the features of Apple TV to the fullest.

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Apple tv trick tips 2015 to get best of apple TV

To get most from AppleTV just you need to switch the region or you can say country. It's an easy way to get additional TV channel on AppleTV. Change the setting in the region to the US. You can change the region by opening the settings, selecting the iTunes Store, and the change in the region from there.

But with the default settings of AppleTV of UK region many of the TV channel that you found by this way will be subscription only and some will not work for you because they will detect the region that you are not in the US. So, these are some problems that you can face but most of others will work and will play fine. Thus you can get best of apple tv and some new US TV channel and there will no problem to play on the Smithsonian documentary Channel, for example.

With $5 a month, services like unblockUS use a smart DNS trick to overcome region blocking and are compatible with the AppleTV. It even allows you to use the US Netflix service, this service can prove excellent to get best of apple tv and to increase the features of apple TV. So, these are some Apple tv trick and tips of 2015 and tricks about apple TV. Kindly share if you liked it.