DirecTv started 4K service, new plans and 4K UHD TV content

DirecTV started 4K UHD programming, but only for those having Samsung 4K UHD TVs.

DirecTV recorded a number of brands of 4K UHD trademark to roll-out its 4K progamming. None of these brands fitted in public mind, but the 4K TV content is finally here. Starting this week, the customer  with HD set top boxes can stream 20 films from Paramount Pictures and K2 Communications in 4K UHD quality. The list is a hodgepodge of blockbusters and documentaries (including things like Forrest Gump, Star Trek (2009) and Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs), but there is one problem: you can only see them if you have a Samsung 4K TV.

DirecTV started 4K UHD programming, but only for those having Samsung 4K UHD TVs

The announcement of the Samsung DirecTV lists as an exclusive launch partner of 4K UHD and declares that the content is ready only for customers having HD DVR and a 4K UHD Samsung TV. The selection of Samsung as the first official partner is not surprising: the manufacturer always in close cooperation with DirecTV, and among the brands that native support VUR. The company did not say how long it would take the exclusive manufacturing agreement, but said that Engadget hope more televisions to become "DirecTV 4K Ready" in the next year.

DIRECTV BATE 4K cable companies offer 19 MOVIES in 4K UHD

DirecTV drop a 4K bomb on cable TV network with the launch of its DirecTV 4K service with Samsung 4K TV.

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As expected, the new service 4K DirecTV with a whisper rather than starting a roar that require very specific combination of hardware, including DirecTV HD DVR genius, and Samsung 4K / UHD TV certified "DirecTV 4K ready." Details on which Samsung TVs will support the new service has not yet been disclosed.

The first of its kind in the world of pay-TV is the new service from DirecTV that is 4K video demand services. 4K a kind of testing ground for the expected launch of the company by a handful of 4K live channels planned to release in 2015 for the most robust service next year was announced by CEO Mike White of DirecTV.

Comcast is expected to launch its own 4K service next year, but with today's announcement DirecTV launched the first blow in the battle for the resolution of the reign of cable and satellite TV providers.

Following the example of Netflix DirecTV will also host a handful of films and documentaries about nature, including the latest Reef, Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs, Antarctica, dolphins, Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag Dinosaurs Alive Coral Reef! Adventure, space debris, Yellowstone, Legends of Flight, Rescue, The Ultimate Wave Tahiti and Mysteries of the Great Lakes.

Today's news is a blow not only from DirecTV, but also Samsung, which has apparently overtaken as the go-to technology for all things for Sony 4K TV. The Samsung TVs as a springboard for a new era of 4K.

Recently Sony 4K TV/UHD holding most of the cards with the company 4K Unlimited video service with a large number of titles, approaches 200. However, Samsung seems to be quickly moved the driver's seat, lock in exclusive agreements with a number of company, the technology is dazzling showcase for the new resolution of 4K UHD TV.