First web TV in India for live TV comedy shows and online PC TV

First interactive WebTV in India to have stand-up comedy Live Online with live online TV channels.

Country's first interactive WebTV launched the comedy section of the portal, the stand-up comedy shows to live with others online live TV streaming

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This is the first time in India, where spectators are allowed in the show with Skype and Google participate or share their humor with the world. The section will also blogs, graphics and short videos. 

Speaking of collaboration, the founder and CEO India Post Editor BC Jojo Live said, "Comedy is a unique opportunity to communicate in the web-space tool. This is the most commonly used medium in the world connect to the Internet and social media. We expect that the new section will value the culture of the current comedy with its quality of content."

Life India Post has given artists the comedy troupe JokeJokerJokest Joke Nishant Singh and Ganguly Abijit. After JokeJokerJokest, "India Post Live belief is a new dynamic company with a vision of Web 3.0, which is introduced in line with the stand-up comedy and comedy, as Joke Joker society Jokest. It would be a healthy cooperation between the two of us and we produce fabulous end to comic content for our end customers."

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The section begins with two comedy promo that have already been uploaded on youtube for rating purpose. 

Promo 1 - When I met #Kejri Yo! - 

Promo 2 - Prankly discussion with Arnab is the first interactive entertainment news portal video streaming from India. This is a forum for the diverse and multidimensional editorial resources brings together and supports all the participants their views and ideas about society, politics, economy, culture, business, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and more. also offers live shows and events around key issues at the local level and through the interactive world at home for the online TV channels.