Turn old tv into a media center with plex media servers

Turn your TV into a media center for only $70 with best media server software

Plex Media Servers Open Source has released a delicious day, its lead over competing solutions for the TV media center by launching a web based dongle for TVs.

Turn your TV into a media center for only $70 with best media server software

Using a PC or Mac with a certain humility, a dongle device of only $70 and an old TV with an HDMI port, Plex creates a smooth, media center with internet.

Start with the basics. Plex organized files of movies, photos and music on a hard drive and make the library tidy format with DVD and CD cover on the screen.

It is more like browsing movies in a library trawling through computer files, with the exception that you speed up the search, if you know what you are looking for. Select a media and you can watch on your PC or Mac, or to hear that the content is hosted or on a wireless network or even the internet file. Watch a video tutorial in the TV conference room, I suppose later on the PC, continue on your iPhone on the train, and after finishing dinner at an Android tablet. The server remembers where you left off each time it is played from there.

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In its latest version of Plex, Google Chrome Cast dongle also supported. Chrome Cast not yet been released in Australia, but for about $70, you can import an e-mail forwarding service like MyUS.com. Connect to a HDMI port on any TV and assuming that it manually a wireless network can conect Plex media servers with a smartphone app as a remote control directly stream content to your TV.

You do not need a dongle of Chrome Cast if you paid for a high-end Samsung Smart TV. You can now wirelessly with Plex server. But if you want to take advantage of the unbeatable price of basic screens, the ability to add an upgrade from $70 to Plex ability is very attractive.

Plex, yes, free, and modest hardware is required, it is difficult to know why add a company that does not deal with audio, video or image files, a media server on the network. Available with the brand 55 inch panels under $900 LED space, on-site training in the tightest budget. We are also downloading media server in our specifications and packing a Chrome Cast dongle into our portfolio so that we can always count on a screen with HDMI input, we can create a video or slideshow project .

Copyright update

More Chrome Cast Plex will really come into their own when the law of Australia updated copyright and allow reformatting the DVD to the hard disk for your personal use. Those of us with walls of shelves for the movie collections are free to upload large libraries in Plex and enjoy what we paid, if you decide you should in the living room a large sign or iPad in bed.

The first users who want the law of copyright, the practice of creating a Medienzentrumvor overtaken the reality of the 21st Century is beginning with public domain movies, is free of charge available online. Download content and a copy of a free program called MakeMKV, the eponymous multimedia MKV files makes to other video formats. Plex can handle other types of MKV files, but it seems to work better. Please read the online manual of Plex, because everything depends on naming their films in a special way. Follow the rules and enjoy your library soon. For a few dollars per month, or $US75 ($82.50) fee for life, can Plex user to a service called Plexpass quality, support for Chrome Cast provided a few months ago to subscribe. Plexpass members enjoy another new feature called discharge chamber where the photos snapped on a phone or tablet wireless downloaded on Plex media servers. Plexpass allows users to share their media libraries with other people over the internet.

Open source developers are platform-independent and that usually goes with Plex. The server runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and transmit to one of them, or iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Thank you, Chrome Cast bolt Plex is compatible with any TV late model, and when Chrome cast will officially launch in Australia to life it can give access the users on streaming content from a variety of online vendors.