Directv offer access point set-top-box with wifi 802.11ac

DirecTV offers the access point set-top-box with best 802.11ac access point

If you are a customer of Direct TV, chances are you will not have to buy their own new best 802.11ac access point devices at home to continue the top directv channels and more services.

DirecTV offers the access point set-top-box with best 802.11ac access point, directv number

The internet and television provider, announced today that it used WVB point (AP) and client access to the set-top box C41W for directv packages and other online services. Both devices are equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11ac Quantenna 4×4 .

Quantenna is the first in the industry to (4×4 ) using the four new power standard 802.11ac Wi-Fi to offer speeds of up to 1.7Gbps. Existing 802.11ac wireless router on the market typically use three types of the maximum speed of 1.3 Gbps.

Overall, it must have Wi-Fi, both the access point and client to support the same level, the best brands in the performance and in the case of new equipment. Both the new access point using the standard 4×4 decoder 802.11ac compatible. That is, they are designed for speed wireless high-speed wireless internet throughout the house right out of the box, without the customer to do the updates.

According to sources from Direct TV, the new devices are available free of charge to existing customers and new customers of DirecTV. Note that existing home router is required to connect the new access points WVB.