Now dishtv users can remove unwanted channel from pack

DishTV, under the new regime remove unwanted channels

Direct-to-Home operator DishTV is a new initiative, " the application of the single base" which gives customers the flexibility to to delete the channels you do not want in your channel package or channels bouquet.

Dish tv users now able to remove delete unwated channels from dish tv channel list

"According to the plan, we offer our customers the flexibility to delete channels from their bouquet if they do not want to watch those TV channels," Dish TV India chief RC Venkateish PTI said.

He also said that under the scheme in existing packages to choose DTH operator channels can be used and their viewers by scrolls that these channels are only request based.

"People should indicate their choice for Dish TV and SMS within six weeks and that the channel would be removed from the package," Venkateish said.

In addition, the company Zee Group will pay 100 bonus points are worth 100 rupees for their customers, for the channels that they removed.

"In return, the client can use a service of value-added packaging and even a movie channel or ala carte," Venkateish said. Also adding that the validity of the bonus points would be more than two years.

Currently, Dish TV is aimed 6-9 channels from each pack.  They would add another 35 channels until the end of December this year and 35 channels for March 2014.

"In two years , DishTV will offer more flexibility to their customers," he said, adding that the company will also save money in the process by removing unnecessary channels carring.

After Venkateish, "Whatever profit would the company would receive will send to customers  and also the DISH tv channels package price will reduce. After this the customers will pay only for what the customer is looking for  but we still need six to nine months."

He added that the station is now drawing the channels that the audience do not want to see, and to add to all channels of DishTV commercial stations now is settled.

"We want to put a chip on it and reduce the price of the package," he added.

Venkateish also suggest that the use of video streaming company DishOnline was well done and it is more than a lakh downloads within 40 days after the launch.

"We now have added two new channels and the total is 37th, later increased this year to 50 in dish tv online," he said.

Thanks to dish tv online, released last month, the customer can view the program on devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops.