DD direct plus renamed to freedish and new updates

DD Direct Plus Direct to home TV Renamed to FREEDISH

Direct to home satellite tv (DTH) subscribers are blessing. And it comes courtesy of Doordarshan, State property, renamed their Free direct DTH DD+ as FREEDISH. Not only that. Everything is ready for a makeover to compete with ​​DTH private sector and implement intelligent call center. It is more: it will introduce a new package of 120 TV channels, which require the activation of a new line of decoders (STB).

Direct to home satellite tv, DD Direct Plus Renamed To FREEDISH and New Updates

DD sources say that the contract for the same work has already been completed and the team is being sent. "Currently we have 17 million active subscribers and hope to add one million subscribers per month, when we started the STB 120 service chains,"said an official of the DD.

So what will happen to the old STB? "Well, if existing customers want to get 120 TV channels on DD Direct or freedish, they have to bought a new set top box." the official said.

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DD Direct Plus the FREEDISH will soon have120 TV channels after the launch of new service. But wait you have to buy a new set top box and need to activate from the freedish service provider to watch those channels.

Currently there are seven international manufacturers offer the STB for DD and the plan is to bring in them soon. "We already have multiple offers received from national and international set top box supplier," said the official DD. Manufacturers may be local decoder if their products meet the specifications of the BIS.

"Until now, customers can not buy the STB to interact from local merchants. 'Re creating call centers with our customers. These call centers will correspond to our standards, but at the expense of the manufacturer STB." Those who are interested, can contact us for the same approach." the official said.

The DTH operator said that the service will continues from INSAT 4B because it has the ability to provide additional channels.

While the new name is not the brand for the new name on the website yet is already registered.
It is important to note that SD has an electronic auction for the procurement of private channels on its DTH platform Prasar Bharati Board are carried out after approval recently.

"The new system of e-auction for direct to home satellite tv, where the auction for 28 slots took place on the channel, has led to positive results. Compared to previous years e-auctions, where the average price per channel for 28 channels was Rs 2.73 million rupees. While auctioned this year, the average price rose sharply to Rs 3.7 million rupees, an increase of nearly Rs 1 crore per channel" according to a report by DD.