Aereo internet tv providers now available on android devices

Internettv, TV-over-Internet Service Aereo now come to Android

Aereo, a service that offers Internet TV to watch tv online, now available for Android devices on 22 October.

Aereo Internet TV Providers Now Available On Android Devices

The Aereo internet tv providers service to watch tv online began on iPhones and other Apple devices with Roku box before spreading to PCs. The company says that the offer for Android took longer because of the many versions of Android available. Device manufacturers are able to adjust the version made ​​by Google.

Aereo says its Android application works on phones and tablets with Android 4.2 or higher. It is in beta testing in the first place .

On iPhones and iPads, Aereo internet tv providers is accessible through the web browser of the device. Aereo has decided to offer customers a consistent experience in a wide range of devices to develop a stand-alone application for Android to watch tv online.

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 Aereo TV signals converted to computer data and sends it over the Internet to subscriber's computers and mobile devices. Subscribers can view the channels live or recording with a DVR over the Internet. More channels on the Participants outdoor market offers financial Aereo Bloomberg TV cable channel.

Aereo is currently available in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Miami, Houston and Dallas. It plans at least 26 other markets to expand next year. The service starts at $8 per month.

Aereo internet tv providers won key saves against broadcasters who breach their duty to reach any copyright . The victories are to end a failure in Boston on Tuesday the request for the ABC station WCVB an injunction to Aereo service . But the judge also rejected Boston Aereo request to move the case to New York, where Aereo at the appellate level in two similar lawsuits prevailed .