50 educational new TV channels soon on dth

50 educational TV channels comming soon on dth

Fifty educational channels on Direct-To-Home TV will be launched soon, that would be more interactive and differs from existing programs in the air, as Gyan Darshan.

Dish tv new channels, 50 educational TV channels comming soon on dth

"These channels will broadcast programs live and is not delayed. These new initiatives is one of the largest of its kind in the world," said Higher Education Minister Thakur Ashik.
He said he was going to 1000, the number of channels to increase in the future.

During a seminar on the National Mission of Education through information and communication technology ( NMEICT ), Thakur said that the country has a large hall, which will improve the quality of education in technical universities in particular belonging to remote areas.

The department has spent more than a billion dollars for ICT. More than 400 universities and twenty thousand schools have been brought to the bandwidth connection and has a great potential to increase the utilization.

"The Ministry is to approach AICTE mandatory and integral for online education component of the education system," he added.

"It should be possible, IIT classes to share other technical schools, which makes the system easier to use," he said in reference to the promotion of the virtual laboratory.