I&B ordered 24 mandatory dd channels for iptv in india

IPTV: I&B announced new list of 24 DD channels mandatory for  Bsnl iptv and other iptv in India

NEW DELHI: Replacing all previous orders in this regard, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has updated the list of channels that should be mandatory on Internet TV (iptv in india) indian channels online protocol, are made. Indian Information and Broadcasting Ministry has issued a revised list of channels to Internet TV service (IPTV).

21 channels include public television Doordarshan and Gyan Darshan and Educational TV channels, TV channel provided by the government like Lok Sabha parliamentary channels TV and Rajya Sabha TV. The new contract includes a total of 24 channels, including 21 channels of Doordarshan in addition Gyan Darshan, Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV.

The channels are DD National, DD News, DD Bharati, DD Urdu, DD Sports, DD India , DD Kashir, DD Punjabi, DD Girnar, DD Sahyadiri, DD Saptagiri, DD Malayalam, DD Podhigal, DD Candana, DD Bangla, DD North East, DD Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, DD Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and DD Oriya are listed in order.

Note, I&B says it is mandatory for all IPTV service providers "iptv in india" to offer these programs to subscribers including bsnl iptv, regardless of any line(s) or channel a la carte(s) you have subscribed to. The service is also IPTV channels on the genre and on the TV screen . The iptv in india service providers need to place the required 24 channels in the correct and full screen display type along with other indian channels online, the ministry said.