Spectacular Chanedlier Made Entirely Out Of DTH Satellite Dishes

Chanedlier spectacular made dishes fully out of DTH Satellite Dishes all SRD

If you have finally decided to get rid of your satellite TV for streaming only, you'll have a little unnecessary equipment in your hands. It is a compact shell that someone as bird bath or this fantastic lamp can be reused if you can bring a little more of the area.

This custom creation serves as the centerpiece of a meeting room, shining light on a large table instead of collecting the invisible transmissions from orbit. Designed by Croatia Agency Brigade refurbished architecture of its sister company Bruketa and OM zinic offices, trailers sculpture inspired espionage and other covert operations secret. Instead, it was so popular that the conference named after him.

As for what to do with the old cable box? It may be possible to re-purpose as a desk clock? After all, it is probably still showing the time, right?