Dual View TV Samsung brings a dual function OLED HDTV

Samsung brings a dual function OLED HDTV

Samsung Electronics America Samsung Curve OLED HDTV has speakers and a multi-view feature that allows people to see two different programs simultaneously.

Samsung presents a new TV, dual view samsung TV and samsung dual view app

Samsung has joined LG Electronics in televisions offer organic light than expected. New 55-inch curved screen TV from Samsung at $9000 (actually $8,999.99) shall be shipping to retailers and is also on order in Samsung.com.

TV and electronics manufacturers as LG in South Korea, was originally a fixed price up to $15,000 started at the same price as the LG OLED curve to hit stores last month. Samsung says it has improved its manufacturing process is sufficient to produce efficient screens and decided to lower the price, LG undercut in the process.

Although still expensive, the price of $ 9,000 could Samsung OLED market share, which in turn cause the price for LG OLED could help reduce, Richard Doherty Envisioneering Group said. "That makes it easier to sell to the spouse or put it on a credit card," he said. "I'm sure we'll see LG doing something to fill the void or beat."

Set of Samsung MultiView has a unique feature that can be seen two people on different programs simultaneously on the screen, when you can wear 3-D glasses. "Some of us at Samsung as a" marriage saver "because my wife and sit on the couch watching two different programs on the same OLED TV I," said David Das, vice president of home entertainment at Samsung Electronics America.

Everyone has personal headphone buds built-in 3-D glasses (two pairs come with the game), each audio stream provide the viewer ear.

The screen half an inch thick, the new LG OLED TV has a concave shape. "In fact, mimics that of a Roman circus," said Das.

Consumer OLED TVs coveted as they were presented for the first time there are more than five years, because the screens reproduce ultra-thin super-saturated black and white and almost no motion blur ultra-clear colors. However, they were difficult to manufacture.

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Dual View TV Samsung brings a dual function OLED HDTV

Only 20,000 OLED displays will be shipped worldwide this year, says DisplaySearch analyst Ken Park is expected to increase to around 400,000 in 2014, before nearly 2 million in 2015. "Consumers may have difficulty paying their OLED TVs extremely expensive, so that the volume can be limited to mass production completely stabilized," said Park

But holds the promise of OLED HDTV because of the image quality. "The pictures were very bright, even on what we see from a plasma TV, so you get a series of unprecedented contrast makes images leap off the screen," said Jim Willcox, electronics editor at Consumer Reports, the display shows the test came. (The full report is available at Consumer Reports.)

Willcox screen as "probably the best all over the television that I've ever had." He looks forward to the competition LG curved test image.

But because of the high prices and the difficulty of manufacturing, said: "All manufacturers of OLED TVs are facing tremendous challenges before these phrases have become a dominant choice for consumers."

Samsung also announced that retailers are now offering two new Ultra HD monitors, 55-inch model ($ 5,500) and the 65-inch model ($ 7,500). Consumers can feel overwhelmed quickly put to the big flat screens come in traditional stores, so Samsung has detailed descriptions in the shops by selecting the new OLED HDTV and UltraHD.

"We believe that each of these technologies to meet the needs of a particular consumer," says Das. "Ultra HD offers the highest resolution is four times as large as Full HD, OLED and the amazing image quality that keeps people in their tracks.".