Doordarshan DTH Plans to add new cahnannels in dd direct to 50 more

Doordarshan DTH(DD Direct Plus) channels will increase to 100 this year according to Parsar bharti

Public TV stations broadcaster Prasar Bharati plans "clearly" the number of channels available through its free-to-air DTH to increase to auction sales gradually.

It also plans to change the policy to try to the best of its DTH channels.

50 new channels in India dth big competition to sun hd dth

Tuesday six points in Prasar Bharati direct to home (DTH) DD Direct Plus wings are set to go under the hammer. A privately held company based in Bangalore - Synise Technologies - was chosen for the electronic auction.

Doordarshan DTH platform currently offers 59 channels, including 30 private, 21 DD, Lok Sabha TV, Rajya Sabha TV and manages two of the UGC chains.

Four foreign channels - NHK, ABC, France 24 and Russia Today - complete the package of channels in the SRD.

"The ability to carry channels on our wing DTH Doordarshan plans to buy satellite devices that will increase significantly the number of television channels and that can use them one additional transponder on INSAT 4B satellite," said an official.

According to the official, it is believed that the ability of the platform to lead DTH channels could be increased by 50, the public broadcaster can plan these spaces before filling.

"While the increase in capacity will take some time to an oversupply of new positions to be filled will prevent only by market demand," he added.

Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar said a further aspect, the transmitter is to consider how to get the best quality channels in DTH wing.

"We see the development of a policy for the next year, which will allow the best channels on our DTH platform," Sircar said.

It is necessary to consider a new policy of transparency, but also to ensure that the best channel Doordarshan preferred to reach the platform, so that they are presented to the public throughout the country, he said.

Authorities said his wing DTH Doordarshan should be profitable and adding more seats.

"The deposit EMD deposit or auction auctioned six channels to Tuesday's Rs 3 crore each are. This can be considered the minimum reserve price," said a senior official.