SAB TV renews look, programmes and marketing initiatives

SAB TV renews look, programmes and marketing initiatives

Comedy general entertainment channel (GEC) SAB TV adds bright colors and patterns for the new channel and program packages, which aired from 21:00 clock on 21 June.
AB TV adds bright colors and patterns for the new channel and program packages

Stone branding Argentinean design studio has been set for the renovation.
"This new renewed freshness and represents a positive step picture really articulate the spirit of 'Asli Mazaa SAB Ke Saath Aata Hai'. Ve changed clothes in the series, but kept the content, concepts and colors. Besides, we have more designs that are transmitted between the know-received, "said SAB TV EVP and Head of Corporate Communications Anooj Kapoor place at a conference at the JW Marriot Hotel.

And continue to spread, it looks more fresh and alive, which brought together a series of promotional films on the lines of its current "Sab Ka Ata Hai wakt" called "Saas-Bahu", "trade" and "Hands Up".

The administration has announced that it will channel all digital Pork with games and online applications. One of them is "Sabarbia" of its kind social games, which drew 75,000 people over the past two months.

The chain has also launched a loyalty program called "Sab ki Sawari", are rewarded by the audience for her performance for a long time in life: you have the opportunity to meet their favorite actor in the series of shows various Sun "So we have the Sab ki Paathshala school programs designed to work with a younger audience is, with "interactive learning experience, Kapoor said.

Then SabTV integrated free applications, including SAB Ke comics - a mobile application for iOS and Android smartphones. The application features more than 100 comics telling jokes six shows in five popular characters were the five characters who were encouraged SAB ka gadha, Gopi ka SAB Ka Gulgule, SAB and SAB ka ki mom Jeannie. "The application has 200,000 registered users," Kapoor said.

Apart from Sun "Khelo SAB Jeeto 'has a unique game that you can play with the whole family, was launched. The Game Show, fans and consumers to participate and win gifts and merchandise.

60 percent of the total advertising budget for television advertising, 30 percent for the pressure and the remaining 10 percent of the out of home advertising and other reserved. "In terms of digital media, we have not made any investments. Precisely is a platform for us to run the TV audience," Kapoor said.

The chain has undergone many activation in malls, Grand Bazaar, Café Coffee Day and multiplexes and has a large presence abroad - over fences 700-800 pan India except Mumbai. "In Mumbai, we have our fences in over 100 bus stops in residential areas," said a source.

Believe that both Sony Entertainment COO NP Singh Kapoor and had to take the path of comedy chain five years ago seems to have been well placed, when you look like her success today.

"Our findings were strongly increased by 600 percent and sales by 900 percent in the past five years. 'Ve increasing advertisers 2008-80 25 seen now., Due to its current presence in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa the channel will soon expand to Dubai, "Kapoor said.