Tata Sky Now Replacing MPEG2 Set Top Box With MPEG4 For FREE

Tata Sky inks TVS MPEG-4 STB with Broadcom contracts replace MPEG-2 decoder free

This is the beginning of the MPEG-2 broadcast process of change, space-saving MPEG 2 to best digital set top boxMPEG 4 set to box.
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Tata Sky, a leader in direct sales from India to direct to home (DTH) operator, has signed an agreement with Broadcom chip hardware-based standard-definition MPEG-4 decoder (STB). The announcement comes shortly after Tata Sky has said that he plans to move to the effective space technology MPEG-4 for all channels. These control boxes are those in standard definition, and replace the hardware MPEG-2 strain, which was purchased by consumers in the first year. Since 2010, Tata Sky SD, SD, HD + HD and MPEG-4 decoders have gone either way.

"The transition to MPEG-4 is an important milestone for our company and an important benefit to our subscribers," said Harit Nagpal, Managing Director of Tata Sky. "Our goal is to enable our customers to benefit from increased TV content and interactive services to the home entertainment and information with best set top box. Connection modules satellite set top boxesBroadcom chosen because its best in its class, enabling the integration, performance and Energy Efficiency us to meet the needs of our customers while reducing power and energy at home. "

"Our ongoing collaboration with Tata Sky has enabled the company a cost shift to MPEG-4 with BCM7301 SoC our offer," said Rich Nelson, Broadcom's Senior Vice President, Group Communications broadband.

We were given advice about this change for some time. First Tata Sky has already said he will go to court provide an additional transponder space by the inability of ISRO, despite the request pending since 2007. (Read here). The lack of space in the existing transponder has seriously hampered the ability of Tata Sky to offer a wide selection of channels, something to do the rivals. Secondly, Tata Sky recently Star Sports 2-channel MPEG-4 on its platform and is only on compatible hardware. However, there is the transformation of popular sports, entertainment channels, and all the devices can not be replaced, the entire base of customers.
Tata Sky HD + DVR, SD boxes and the latest SD and HD STB +. He can MPEG-4. But the problem is with the much older SD boxes that are only with the MPEG-2 broadcast.

Immediately after the announcement in an interview with Indiantelevision.com, Tata Sky Director Harit Nagpal said: "We are delighted 5-6000000 MPEG-2 SD STB replace at no cost to the consumer in the years ahead All this comes from internal accruals.. . "It is clear, however, unhappy that they, he adds this big step of replacing the old hardware MPEG 2 million take time." But I'm forced to do this because the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has give me I could have set my transponder that money elsewhere in the expansion of scanning my plans. ".

It would be interesting to see what Tata Sky takes legal action against ISRO, once open after the summer holidays dishes. Tata Sky currently uses satellite transponders on INSAT 4A, and has since been launched in India. Despite GSAT-10 in orbit since late last year in the same coordinates as the INSAT 4A satellite, ISRO has not provided the transponder access Tata Sky available.