Ukrainian provider satellite DTH platform will start on 15 April

Ukrainian DTH platform at the start

It is now expected that the highly anticipated platform Rus Ukrainian provider satellite DTH TV will start on April 15.
This follows the official opening of the test transmissions, supply 1 +1, 2 +2, plus-plus, TET, Toni, Channel 5, TBI, TRK Ukraina and UFO TV. which began 29 March.

Ukrainian DTH platform will start on 15 April

Quoted on the website of the company, said Vyacheslav Mordashov CEO that "the road was long today, at least longer than expected. Nevertheless, we have made the promises in fidelity and highly regarded work as often stated criteria."

TV Rus Eutelsat first began testing 7 September 2011 and is expected to debut in late 2011.
After that is expected to start in late 2012 and the first quarter of this year.

Mordashov is a former head of the leading Russian provider satellite DTH platform Tricolor TV, but it is assumed that there is no connection between him and the TV Rus is running, enter a market already served Rus TV Viasat Ukraine DTH TV and NTV-Plus Xtra Russia.
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