Smaller Very low cost HD TV of Sony and others

HD TVs extremely low cost and small size of Sony and others

If you wonder how much more modest, Ultra HD TV is cheaper than their giant ancestors, we begin to get an idea of ​​prices to. Sony has announced that its far cheaper Sony UHD TV with 55-inch model will cost $ 5,000, and hope that some less expensive models later in the year by a few small notes.

Ultra HDs are a new generation of LCD called 4K resolution (3840x2160) TV, that is, they are four times more pixels than the current HD 1080p TV.

Later this month, you can buy one of the new Sony Ultra HD sets, or $ 5,000 55-inch XBR-55X900A or 65-inch version (XBR-65X900A) for $ 7,000. The two leading models are loaded with features, including LED backlight and the new color technology Tricolour Sony (which aims to produce a wide range of rich colors), which is not available in the previous model, we briefly tested 84 inches.
HD TVs extremely low cost and small size of Sony and others

With free Wi-Fi and access to a variety of online content, including streaming services and various television films, these TVs are with NFC (Near Field Communication), which has not equipped the 84-inch model. NFC or, as Sony has the "one-touch" technology, the. Than mobile devices such as tablets and even smartphones on the TV just by touching them with the TV remote control

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Sony also showed the price of the Ultra HD media player, called FMP-X1. Used round the player to 4K can download movies for playback on Sony 4K, costs $ 700 and comes preloaded with 10 movies. The player replaces the media server is currently available for those looking to buy the 84-inch Sony television. This fall, Sony will launch a distribution service Ultra HD TV owners can rent or download 4K films for a fee.

But Sony is not the only one on the market with small TV this year, less expensive. This is what we know so far about other plans Ultra HD TV:

Westinghouse said it is a 50-inch Ultra HD TV $ 2500, a 55-inch $ 3,000 and $ 4,000 65-inch 4K model later this year. At CES, the company said they sent in the first quarter, but now the TV is probably will not come until the third quarter. As reported, the game briefly with Smart TV models, and is not a question of what level of 4K to understand scale. The company should have more information in a few months.

Hisense will not ship until Q3. Companyl The report provides two sets: the XT880 series (in 50 -, 55 -, 58 -, and screen sizes of 65 inches) and a 84-inch flagship XT900, apparently with the same plate as UHD Sony and LG. The price was not disclosed.

Haier has a 55-inch Ultra HD shown at CES, but has not released updated information. We also expect that the new TCL, Westinghouse showed as a 110-inch Ultra HD TV at CES. We believe that the company is likely to focus on a 65-inch Ultra HD TV this year for 2013, but we have not received updated information.

Finally, Vizio will launch an HD TV 70 inch XVT-Series Ultra-third Quarter of the year, but the prices are so far known.

Are you interested in Ultra HD TVs? Let us know if these little TVs with lower price appeals to you, or if you are going to want to enjoy the high resolution of the series.