New IP distribution solution for DTH Best IPTV provider

IP distribution solution for DTH, International Datacasting Corporation, and Verimatrix specializes in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-service networks, TV multi-screen digital TV has joined forces in the world to DTH operators with a new solution to offer new services, IPTV and subscribers in apartment buildings ( MDU).

This new solution is fully integrated DTH IDC Digital Tattoo IP with the Verimatrix Video Content Administration System (VCAS) for DVB card without contents and income protection for broadcast (one way) networks. Enables the delivery of fully encrypted end satellite TV for customers residing in apartment buildings (MDUs) such as buildings, condominiums, schools, universities, hotels, gated communities and health centers at the end. Today, 24% to 65% of all households in the world MDU, which represents a large market opportunity for DTH operators.

TV multi screen digital TV have joined forces in the world to DTH operators with a new solution to offer new services, IPTV

With this combined solution, the DTH operators can partner with a service provider or an ISP Telco Triple Play Package, television, the Internet and voice-over-IP includes the offer. "This is the basis for new value-added services to DTH operators offering and helps them to access previously difficult to reach customers," said Steve Oetegenn, director of sales and marketing director of Verimatrix. "In addition to increasing ARPU (average revenue per user) is removed in the construction of signal theft and allows users to choose their own programming packages. Achieve subscriber growth and ARPU and reduce by improving the income security churn out a mix of magic in this market. "

The distribution of this system IP on an Ethernet cable to connect the buildings and campus or via IP over fiber distribution systems, such as GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) serve larger geographic areas are to be integrated.

Two clients have worked with IDC and Verimatrix as beta sites in the development of this new solution. One of these customers, suppliers Asian Tattoo launched DTH set-top boxes and IP integrated with Verimatrix conditional access faster return time-to-market and significant digital.
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