LG To Launch WebOS LG Smart TV

Why buy webOS LG may be great

LG can be taken a big risk in buying webOS from HP, but there are great advantages.
The big news this week was the acquisition of LG HP webOS for an undisclosed amount. You will recall that the very HP and Palm webOS software acquired in 2010 to $ 1.8 billion, but was not able to use the operating system to make a profit. While HP webOS acquired to make a move on mobile devices, which led to the ill-fated TouchPad (and some smartphones), plans to LG, the operating system is available in its Smart TVs (although Korean company said it would also be the operating system to the makes some of his other intelligent devices). At first glance, this decision seems strange, after all, despite the fact that webOS failed to create many rumors current, still revered by his fans for their potential as a smartphone and a tablet OS.
LG To Launch WebOS LG Smart TV. LG wants to focus on large amounts of its Smart TV. Based on Web standards

Therefore, if you want to use the operating system for its smartphones, LG why buy webOS?

To say that LG mobiles is not running webOS (at least in the foreseeable future) is not a risky assumption. LG has put all his eggs in the basket Android (well, maybe a few eggs in the Windows Phone basket) and while LG phones are not exactly prepared for the world on fire, they are not very doubtful. It would be too risky for LG make a webOS smartphone now, especially in a year where the company has publicly stated that it plans to double in the past year, the number of smartphones sold.

One of the biggest advantages of webOS is that it is aimed not only a full-fledged operating system, but it is with the cloud and open source (Linux-based). This in turn gives two strategic advantages LG implementation of an operating system based on the cloud in their smart TVs, have LG TVs do not require powerful hardware could mean that the TV will build cheaper and can be sold at a lower price than the competition . Opened and the cloud depends also means that LG TVs to common web standards, which can adhere to the attention of the developers. In addition, the adoption of common standards is a very lucrative offer for a Smart TV, as it lead to more applications and faster development cycles.

However, there is another reason behind the LG and has nothing directly to do with the operating system webOS buy themselves. Talk digital trends, John I. Taylor, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, LG Electronics, said the company of the people who work on webOS and wanted to develop and improve their software for smart TVs was impressed.

However, as with almost everything almost everywhere, it will not be a smooth ride for LG. WebOS was never widely used on all other smartphones and tablets all, let alone what it means LG TVs will ensure that the webOS (designed for touch) interface works with a remote control. Moreover, while webOS may be loved by a passionate community, a small community still scale problems if LG wants to focus on large amounts of its Smart TV. Based on Web standards, the solution to this problem may be, but it also means that LG is a risk that very little, the special is running on your smart TVs.

It will be interesting to see how webOS LG TVs integrated, and also to see if webOS can actually be seen as a powerful operating system for devices other than mobile phones and tablets.
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