Digitization of Cable TV: What DTH operators to choose and why?

The digitization of Cable TV: What DTH operators to choose and why?

Cable TV digitization continues in India, with the second phase for 30 cities. If you really do not want to deal with the benefits of local cable operators, DTH operators in case you change continue? We try to answer the question.

digitization of Cable TV: What DTH operators to choose and why

After the second phase of digitization of cable TV was introduced, there is a surprise in the cacophony of protests from cable operators and consumers. If you have not followed this evolution over time, you can assume that it was an instinctive reaction of the government. But no, that's what makes the cable operators protest unworthy it would be under normal circumstances. For consumers who feign ignorance, constant calls and government communications in print and TV ads can not be excluded.

Cable operators, both in the region and is the largest fish, which the name of the MSO (Multiple System Operators), so there is enough space for all decoders. Consumers want an explanation of why they have to pay extra for a decoder that they never wanted to pay. And local cable operators who demand a premium for the same product.

If all this is too much shouting for you to do, we recommend you a Direct to Home service (DTH) go. The only point of sale for this service, at least to us - you will not have to deal with cable operators or sheets, their whims and fancies. But what is the best to buy? We try to answer the question.

Why you should switch to DTH?

For starters, you do not have to deal with local cable operators and own brand management. While digitization problems related to video and audio quality which affected to resolve the service so far, we know how the representatives of the competent authorities in the region will be to fix a defect. What if the decoder is down? The cable operator in the position to offer you a replacement unit? Because of the severe shortage struts and one of the reasons why the word scanning is not possible, I doubt it. In short, it is money under lock and key at the moment.

On the other hand, we do not know how many times you may be able to do this in digital networks, with continuous stirring, the cable company is using to channels between "special places" and the "end of the parade scale. "A bright spot is that the digital cable networks have a fixed location THE channels. There is hope. Third, there is the issue of packaging and expenses for the same. Government has its own guide in the base package, but the package above, and the specific channels, which are contained therein, are at the discretion of the operator. Again, you can not be happy with what you judge later there is little clarity about the same.

TRAI recommendation (announced last year)

To start TRAI has mandated that all operators of multiple services (MSO) have a minimum of 200 channels from the beginning. This number should be beaten up to 500 channels in 2013. In addition, customers have offered in 100 are freely opened as a basic package base level channels - if they wish, to a minimum of Rs 100 to subscribe to wear 18 Doordarshan channels and five channels of all kinds - new, sports, entertainment, music, lifestyle, movies and general entertainment.

Which DTH service to purchase?

Which DTH service to purchase?

Dish TV India

This is the oldest running DTH service in India, despite fierce competition in recent years, still his place in the industry. Dish TV continues in the total number of subscribers in the country lead, and has the second largest number of available channels on the platform. High acute Advertising at its end has a lot in the game.

Why Buy Dish TV: Dish TV has almost all of the popular chains Hindi entertainment on board, most of them in HD too. Proximity to Zee group means that all the channels on board Zee, SD and HD. Upscale HD is something that we not impressed, but consumers prefer a little better. Unlimited recording function is enabled on all SD and HD boxes via the USB port, allowing you to save on your external hard drive.

Why not buy Dish TV: Not everything is rosy for Dish TV well. Poor relationships with Star TV means that while all of the most popular channels TV star in the SD version, there is an HD version of Star Plus, Star Gold Star Movies, Star World or sports channels - ESPN HD and Star HD. The user interface has a major overhaul and investment channel is at best casual.

Tata Sky

The first rival Dish TV launched its services in India in the course of 2006. Since then, Tata Sky has become almost synonymous with the term SRD. As Xerox has the identifier of the good old copier!

Why Buy Tata Sky: The quality of the material is approximately equal to the outdoor unit, the decoder and remote control. The user interface of the screen is something that is also a current DTH Service Airtel was adopted last year. The packages are clearly defined, with little chance of confusion. Additional extras such as free movie and showcase service calls free if you. Subscribe to one of their packages or semi-annual payment Is contrary to the claims of different actors, MPEG-2 is not worse than the MPEG-4 technology, in terms of image quality, so that Tata Sky has the change was made. The Tata Sky brand in each channel is small and transparent enough to not interfere with the viewing experience.

Why not buy Tata Sky: transponder space problem is something that has bothered Tata Sky for some time. That's why I have been slow to add channels until they got additional capacity lately. Packages are valued at the top, since the small tubes that run on the platform. The new HD Access fee and with attention to the SD version of the channel for the HD version to subscribe policy is detrimental to the cause of keeping the price of the monthly subscription plans.

Airtel Digital TV

Airtel DTH Pack does include a good amount of the premium feel to it, much more than most competitors, and very close to the Tata Sky. Without too much noise Airtel Digital TV has acquired enough good market penetration in metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas. This is not the first name that buying a DTH connection appears on the head for the first time, but simple packages and many ups allow for further customization.

Why Buy Airtel Digital TV: The main advantage of buying the connection of Airtel Digital TV is that it is primarily a remote control that also as a universal remote to control the power of the TV / on-off and change source. Bono minor, you can say, but very useful. Second, the image quality and rich colors HD channels is much better than any other in the same DTH TV was used with exactly the same image settings. Some SD channels are also better in terms of clarity and sharpness.

Why avoid Airtel Digital TV: Removal of ESPN HD and Star Cricket HD on the platform is a big setback and put in a large number of existing users and potential new customers who are sports fans. Strangely, Airtel Digital TV has only platform channel Star Sports 2, which makes this relationship hot blow cold air bit confusing. This is a logo screen and not too intrusive on all channels, and urgently need to be revised. The HD DVR no fan, which is not the best setting, in the great Indian summer!

Videocon D2H

Last year, Videocon D2H has led the way in terms of channel additions and was the first to cross the mark of 20 DTH HD channel. It has the largest number of SD channels, supported by clusters of relatively less expensive monthly chains compared to Tata Sky, Dish TV and Airtel.

Why Buy Videocon D2H: The channel line-up is impressive, and if you are the proverbial couch potato, the SRD will make you happy most of the time. Maximum actual HD channels on the platform. Every main channels between the sexes The cost of the package is a bit smaller than the main competitors and shows a direct comparison that also packs more channels for the same price.

Why avoid Videocon D2H: There are some major problems with the user interface - slow, not intuitive and tends to freeze more often. The HD DVR does not change serious reliability problems, and little things like channel if you want. For all additional channels inconvenience this something that can not be, knowing what most people appreciate are. The brand logo on each channel is also very intrusive.

Reliance Digital TV

After a solid start, Reliance has fallen in the race of SRD. The company has been slow to add new channels. Of all the stores that we checked, almost none of them sell or recommend Digital TV DTH connection dependency. Certainly hope they can get in the game very soon.

Why buy trusted digital TV: While all operators offer DTH HD, 1080i leading channels. Only Reliance Digital TV with 1080p resolution. Improve all HD channels platform, a quality SD small update, but something to keep consumers happy.

Have First, almost no local shops or multi-those stocks of digital TV decoder function: Why avoid dependence on digital television. Anyway, it's a bit of a warning sign when you buy a new DTH connection. The addition of new channels on the platform is very slow over the last year.

Sun Direct

It has always been a DTH service is still, and the ideal link to buy if you live anywhere in South India in the south of India, or an Indian living conditions. No other DTH operators could offer the variety that Sun Direct is capable of HD and SD for the regional channels. However, if you do not see the entertainment channels in southern India, the alignment of the title can be very disappointing.

Why buy direct sunlight: As mentioned above, Sun Direct is the best choice for all channels with a GOI south. The focus is regional, and it is the only operator to thrive while doing so. It also has good channel packages. In addition, Sun Direct for the first time can be credited for bringing the madness HD edition of one of the previous editions of the IPL in HD. Unfortunately, it fell slightly behind in this area ever since.

Why do you avoid direct sunlight: It is not the favorite DTH operator to be for the rest of the country, because the rest of the program packages lure India and channels. He has fallen in the race of HD channel, which is a big surprise. In addition, could the lack of attention to other parts of India that the service could be a bit of a problem if something goes wrong with the hardware on their side.

The range of channels DTH operators

There is no real consistency in relation to which the operator provides channels. None of the providers offer all channels to be displayed. The smart move would be one that grin and bear most of the channels that you choose and offers! We have a comparison of the most popular channels channel channels in all DTH operators to give you an idea of ​​their favorite channels.
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