Paksat1R TP details, Fta movie channels, C band fta dth india

   Hello TV lovers.
      The dth in India is in top peek. Many dth Direct tv pay companies offer a bundle of direct tv to our homes. But for those who want free to air dth, they have a good news that they can get almost 50 fta channels from Paksat1r. Only they need a C band Dish and a fta receiver like dd dth receiver. If you do not have a c band dish . you can buy that from your nearby dish dealers or you can buy satellites equipments or buy direct tv directly from web that is from online store.

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      Paksat1r as i mention contains almost 50 channels, containing Hindi  fta movie channelsEnglish movie channel, many music channels, news channels and health, cooking,tech and educational channels. Also many channels show Cartoon and Mr Beam Episodes.

   All the channel list and Tps of Paksat 1r Are as Under....

Fta Hindi Movie channels

1.  Film World            4020 H 27700
2. Filmazia                4020 H 27700
3. Raavi                     4020 H 27700
4. Kohenoor TV          4168 V 2800

Fta Hollywood movie channel

1. Filmax                   3832 V 2500

 Music channels

1. 8XM                     3959 V 7234
2. Aks TV                 4020 H 27750
3. G Kaboom           4020 H 27750
4. Oxygene              4042 V 2850
5. Play TV                4073 V 4700
6. Aruj TV                 4101 V 2800
7. G Kaboom            4020 H 27750

   These are most popular fta channel list from paksat1r, There are many more too on paksat 1r on 38 degree east.
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