DTH or Cable? Its a very important decision to make.

Very Short Comparison

DTH & Digital Cable – Quality.

Cable TV – Local movie/news channel.


DTH-Sig Loss on rain.

Digital Cable-Limited availability

Cable-Avg quality

    Detailed Comparison

Advantages of DTH

# Digital Picture quality
# Dolby Audio. Cable TV does not even come near
# Information Bar showing current and future program details
# Special features
# Advanced payment options (online).
# Always Available (as long as there is electricity in your house and the set top box is working and there is no rain)

     Disadvantages of DTH

# Understand different schemes from different companies (a very complex job. Since, the companies do very well in hiding what is important to you). Then, select the company and the package. Its difficult to select a package as it is difficult to get every channel you want. You need to make a few compromises.

# For any issue you need to call to customer care, which would usually take some time to respond. It would not be like, you can catch hold of the cable wala and ask him to repair.
# Very few local channels. Suppose you want to check what’s happening in your city like Pune. Like Live Ganesh Visarjan Miravnuk. No option in DTH. You will have to satisfy it by seeing in news. But Cable provides this very special customized channel and broadcast anything happening in your city. I think this is the best point in Cable.

# You can request to your cable guy and ask for any specific movie as per your request. Cable operator will take time for this to execute. But once he will find that lot many people are demanding for this movie, he will definitely play this movie. Or else if you have good friendship with cable guy, he will play your favorite movie without many requests. Believe me it happens in India.
# Cable charges are fixed. As against of this, Cable guy comes once at your home, connects cable wire to your TV and only sends his payment collectors to collect the monthly bills.

    Benefits of Cable:

# No online transactions, No customer care phones, No late charge,
# No maintenance cost, No set top box issue,
# Huge time saving due to avoidance of above issues.