How to Get Ren Tv Peh TV Yamal 202 and Make Teflon

Trick How to make a Teflon substitute for Yamal Ren tv PEH TV

Hello friends, in this post you will able to know How to make a teflon substitute for receiving Circular polarity signals and how to recieve ren TV from Yamal.

How to make teflon for ren tv and to receive linear and circular polarity.

Update: 3 Sports TV Free Sports TV Channels On Yamal 202 @ 49E

 With this simple satellite trick, you can increase satellite quality signal for better reception. As all we know Russian satellites use L and R polarity for their TV channels. To receive L and R polarity signals we need a special type of LNB. But if you have a H and V type LNB, then with the use of a teflon strip you can get L and R type polarity and increase satellite signal quality. You can use teflon for all Yamal 201, Yamal 202 and other Russian express satellites to get peh tv, DTV, Tv3, ren tv and more russian TV channels.

 You can get 10% to 20% more signals quality by using a simple teflon sheet or teflon pati.

  How to make a Teflon strip for LNB and how to put teflon strip in LNB.         

(1) Take a 0.5 to 1mm Thickness clear plastic sheet, you can get it easily from any plastic CD cover or other plastic or glass strip you have.

(2) Cut the sheet, length = 60mm width that can easily fit in your LNB as shown in above photo.

(3) Take some thin aluminum foil, you can get it from tablet strip or buy aluminum foil paper.

(4) Cut Alminium foil and wrap it around your plastic sheet. Rather you should stick it to plastic sheet by using feviquick or what ever you have.

Trick How to make a Teflon substitute for Yamal[Ren tv] PEH TV
(5) Ok done, your teflon strip is ready for use.

Then insert teflon carefully as shown in above pics. See first all pics. Now change L and R polarity to V and H in your set top box.

Then you have to adjust the teflon in LNB and check for signal. You should rotate, put that up or down and find accurate position where signal quality is maximum. Now enjoy and keep watching your favourite TV channels.

Just do the experiment and see the dramatic signal increase.  Don't forget to leave a comment here about your experiment and if you faced some problem, don't hesitate to ask us in comments. We are ready to help you.