Reliance Digital TV, The Latest Packages And Rates

Reliance Digital TV Packages and last duty

Packages and rates, Reliance Digital TV is one of the most affordable projects available in India today. He created a revolution in the world of entertainment and cinema.

Some details of available packages:

Value Pack: No South - 109 channels / South - 115 to 127 channels per month

Bronze Package: No-128 South Canal / Channel @ South 134,152 per month

Bronze Plus Pack: Non-South channels -131 / -137 South Channel @ 165 per month

Silver Pack: Non-South channels -139 / -145 south channel @ 199 per month

Silver Plus Pack: Non-South 142 channels / channel @ 148 South 221 a month

Gold Pack: Non-South of 150 channels / 156 South to 248 channels per month

Diamond Pack: No South 166 channels / south channel 172 @ 298 per month

Platinum pack: It 'south of 170 channels / channel @ 176 South 347 a month

The above packages and the price per pack gives an idea of ​​how TGLN really is, he really decent packages and all clients in southern India, they have more number of channels compared to other services DTH.

Even now, there is no bunch of HD channels in TGLN separated. All HD channels now available in add-on NGC and expects Jumbo Star * HD Plus HD. Until now, the audio output of HD channels is not Dolby Digital.

The old title and their packaging and TGLN costs are a good choice for the customer to choose its DTH service.