How To Use Sun DTH STB To View FTA Channels MPEG-4?

Sun DTH STB using to view MPEG-4 FTA channels?

As follows

1) Menu / Edit Transponder / select / add satellite frequency 3880 V 27500 (without you want to see TP) and save

2) menu / dish / sat there, then you need to increase the frequency / change the LNB type, 5150

3) go to scan select scan manually

4) Go pid Locate and select the Manual in December

5) New PID for 9x / video PID 101/102 PID audio / OK to confirm and begin the search

Note that once you turn off the STB screen is blank, or audio only get to see again or have to re-tune selecting highways.

For the other channel MPEG-4 FTA must be manually PID.