Comparison Of Dish TV, Tata Sky, Digital TV, Big TV And DD DTH

Comparison of Dish TV, Tata Sky, Digital TV, Big TV and DD DTH

Hello everyone, gone, 's moderator and top contributor Mr. Roh_Style has published a comprehensive comparison of all the existing DTH services in the market today. We hope that this official SaveOnDish SaveOnDish the comparison of DTH services will help you decide which DTH service to go.

This review contains the advantages and disadvantages of each DTH services, point by point, and can be programmed to observe a minute of good and evil, so you can see through everything before I make this decision for the purchase of systems DTH. So here goes!:




(1) DD Direct Plus is India's first and only DTH service that offers its services free of charge. No subscriptons payable monthly when you are with DD Direct Plus.

(2) small one-time initial investment on STB and plates and can be used for life.

(3) Apart from all CHS DD, DD Direct Plus offers several popular private FTA (Free-To-Air) CHS.

(4) As a bonus, DD Direct Plus also offers an additional CHS, Dish FTA satellite TV that are from time to time.


(1) DD Direct Plus offers no EPG (Electronic Program Guide) installation, all DTH operators provide others. For this reason, users are unable to control the times of the chains before hand.

(2) New process through the channel is very slow. CH more waiting for approval from Prasar Bharati (DD Direct Plus), but his attitude makes adding new SHC sloggish too late.

(3) DD Direct Plus checks and increases in transportation costs of all channels through sudden certain people tend to leave the platform.

(4) The problems of signal fluctuations occur at certain times, that's why some of the CHS temporary blackout.

Dish TV:


(1), the main advantage of satellite TV is cost. (For current or former clients at this point). It offers the most popular CSS for one low price. The pack cost over Rs.325 per month, while 1 or 2 add-on packs are committed to all almost all CHS, unlike other DTH where you need more add-on packages, even After subscribing to more packaging.

(2) TV satellite dish is very near DD Direct Plus satellite, Dish TV to all users enjoy the full range of HP and DD Direct Plus. Therefore, any new HP DD Direct Plus is automatically added to TV dishes offered.

(3) Software Dish TV set-top box is stable at the moment. This makes the connection speed between the CHS fairly quickly. It is also much less complex and STB reported so far. Thank you for Dish TV STB ", an excellent software.

(4) Dish TV only gives users access to exclusive never seen the international channels that are not available even in the cables so far. The tray includes MGM, TCM and Boomerang. Airtel digital TV offers in India, unlike Dish TV for MGM, which still bears the direct provision of MGM International.

(5) recently added several new channels are offered at no additional cost to the largest users of packaging, with the exception of a CHS-one. (Currently only for current or former clients). Considering that DTH operators have added the launch of new expansion packs separately.

(6) Dish TV has a transponder nothing good to offer more CHS to its users, including the recently concluded protostar which means more customers for CHS.


(1) One of the biggest problems is Dish TV customer care and customer service which is definitely not up to mark. DC leaders lack of professionalism and responsibility, and post-sales support in some areas are supposedly bad.

(2) Another serious problem is the audio and video quality. The quality of many (but not all) channels Dish is not up to mark. Pixelation is evident too in some CHS and standard CD quality audio, of course, not true.

(3) Dish TV will miss some packages that include major ch bunch of Neo and the group UTV CHS. Because of this exclusive cricket matches and the first global television film of the last of these CHS is missed by users Dish TV.

(4) A new process is very slow hp more when it comes to satellite TV. It requires an enormous amount of time for the satellite to enhance its bouquet of offerings.

(5) The time required for the activation of the packets after the renewal is too long at times. Users had to wait as long as 5-6 days of activation, even after making payments on time.

(6) official site is updated on a regular basis. Official weblog, which was designed to interact with users of Dish TV does not work till date.



(1) first and only DTH service in India to have a joint venture for DTH internationally renowned brand, SKY, which is famous for its refined technology.

(2) audio and video quality TataSky takes the expectations of its users'. Customers have told us TataSky true DVD-quality picture and CD quality audio.

(3) Only TataSky gives users exclusive access to some international channels, including BBC Entertainment and authentic Ceebebies.

(4) TataSky provides uniform volume level across all channels, unlike other DTH services, which keep the volume level varies in each room.

(5) The STB's TataSky is sufficiently stable. It has been reported much less or not errors or problems TataSky STB to date.

(6) TataSky users say customer service is satisfactory. Issues addressed in the time and after sales service is excellent.


(1) TataSky has too many add-on packs. Several add-on packs must be purchased to take advantage of all CHS, even after great package. This makes the overall package too expensive.

(2) The strength of the TataSky Channel is minor compared with other DTH operators. It is because of the transponders also acquired by them.

Reliance BIG TV:


(1) of all TV technology has been incorporated into MPEG-4 DTH unlike others who are still in the MPEG-2. The most fundamental difference between the two is that MPEG-4 is capable of carrying more than CHS in its bid CHS which means more can be added in a short period of time. After Dish TV, Big TV offers the largest outside the SHC.

(2) The second TV spot is a great picture and great sound quality, which are much better than any other DTH. For the first time, DTH, which is to live up to expectations of a true digital experience.

(3) of all TV is probably the only one SRD chapters several times in its basic package. In fact, the whole TV package and the price is absolutely tailored to meet specific customer needs. With this benefit, customers get more for less chapters.

(4) active or rather the "Select" great television services allow users to watch the 12 CHS at a time on a screen, unlike other DTH where you can see up to 6-8 CHS.

(5) Rain fade is a problem that is common to all SRD. But his big TV, you can enjoy your favorite programs, even when it rains. Last great technology lets you watch television chapters, even when it rains heavily. CHS can blak-out for about 5-6 seconds, while in other DTHs, ch blackout lasts the entire length of the rain.


(1) The biggest problem with Big TV STB software, which is not yet stable now. Customers across India have reported problems STB suspended countless times. STB is overheating, is several times slower navigation channel does not work after a manual update are some of the many questions that keep occcuring Big TV decoders.

(2) Another is the inability Big TV customer care and customer service. CC frames unprofessional in their conduct. The aftermarket support is not good.

(3) Improper package activations have taken place in a number of users in situations where a client wanted a pack and another pack is activated instead.

(4) Big TV logo in the upper left shows a rather large and transparent, which is irritating. Look at the logos of other DTH services are relatively small and the type of watermark.

Airtel Digital TV


(1), Airtel Digital TV offers true quality of the images and DVD quality audio CDs, which are absolutely impeccable. So your customers can be sure of its crystal clear video and stereo audio.

(2) The external appreacnce digital TV STB is sleek and stylish unlike the other STB DTH operators, which are huge and bulky. Digital TV STB is proving a great eye-candy.

(3) For the first time, digital TV to DTH offering universal remote controls for its users. So no more complicated to use two remotes at once. (One for the TV, the other to the STB). Digital TV STB remote controls (for programming) works with both your TV and decoder.

(4) Only for digital TV offers only 10 and popular premium World Space satellite radio subscribers in the CHS. There is so much to hear, when you have the World Space radio with you, one of the first digital television.

(5) parable to digital TV is significantly higher than other DTH dishes. This ensures that the connection is not lost even if it rains the wild. Large container was taken to keep this in mind.


(1) The only drawback to digital TV is the price that is higher than any other DTH comparetively. The pack is up over Rs.424 per month just too expensive, considering the current intense competition in the market SRD.