History: Beyond The Past, Indian TV

Competition is in Hötting 'infotainment' genre on television. HISTORY, the first channel of the joint venture between A + E Networks (A + E) and TV-18, has come to launch a large scale. The channel reaches 50 million households across the digital, analog and DTH (Tata Sky and dishes) network. The channel will focus on action and adventure. "For us, history is made every day and we want to emphasize the entertainment quotient of history as an underlying theme," says Ajay Chacko, President, Network TV and A + E-18.

In the previous avatar was known as a channel of The History Channel. It 'been available in South-East Asia with an agreement between STAR TV and AETN International until November 21, 2008.

Indeed, experience has shown that obtaining a foothold in countries in general entertainment channels (GEC) of 60 percent of viewers, followed by news, sports and movies, it's really not an easy task . The information and entertainment space where history is to compete is the niche and occupy only 1.2 percent of the total audience in 2010 (according to data from TAM Media Research). Within this small market, there are a multitude of channels in the fight for eyeballs. There are Discovery Channel, which owns a 54.7 per cent, while National Geographic has a 22.8 percent stake. Fox History and travelers, Discover Turbo, Discovery and Animal Planet Science completes the line-up.

Chacko said that the goal is not to fight for the actions, but it makes the genre more mainstream. "The study shows that the younger generation is becoming saturated with fictional content, such as soaps and sitcoms, and is looking for alternative formats," he says.

The channel has the rope in the actor Salman Khan to promote the message base "Kuch Naya Dekho, Dekho Bante history" (something new programs, see the history in the making) The channel is available in six languages.: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Marathi. Most other channels in the same local languages ​​introduced at a later stage.

The chain will not make a special program for the Indian public. "Instead, we choose a show to have a global Connect India. For example, for our Road show truckers ice road Himalayas in India was one of those places," says Chacko. But the chain is working to produce local programs that can play across the globe. One of these is the title of largest Indian as the greatest of the British, which is produced in collaboration with the BBC. Another show, culture shock (theater around the fourth generation of non-resident Indian children), is a co-production with Endemol.

Analysts say media advertising revenues are important for the channel alive. Chacko says many advertisers, consumer goods and consumer durables space in search of channels that are more targeted. "Our desire is to look beyond the current RS 250-crore advertising