Know Your FriendsMobile Balance In Airtel

Most people often lie that they don’t have balance
to call when asked to call.If you think they are
telling lie, then this may help you to find the
friend’s account balance. just know how much
your friend is truthful to you.
This trick is tested and worked without any
problem in Tamilnadu. I don’t have any idea
about other states, but it may work in other
states as well.
Follow the procedure given below to know
friend’s account balance:
First dial 12140 from your Airtel mobile
number. When the call get connected, select your
language if you haven’t changed it already.
After the IVR language is selected then press 2.
Now enter your your friend’s mobile number
without any “0″ or +91 at the beginning of the
number (enter only 10 digit mobile number).
The system replies the mobile number which
you entered.Just confirm it by pressing 1.
It will surely ask for the PIN of entered mobile
number.Enter the PIN as 1234.This step is more
If you finished all the above steps now finally
press 3 to find the balance of any Airtel number.