Videocon new trick to add new channels from all sattelites

Hi friends i worked a lot to find the trick to add new channels or satellites on videocon d2h.  As you know that before new software updation we was able to add new channels from any satellite in videocon d2h satellite receiver. After the new software update this feature is blocked.

But now what m going to tell you is little bit funny but it worked for me and i added many satellites on d2h receiver. As we know we can not downgrade the software but d2h service provider gives us replace back guaranty. So if our stb stops working we can replace our d2h stb.
So from here trick starts.

1. Do something to your stb so that it stops working but remember don't open that. You can do this by pouring some water or by other mean you better know that.

2. Replace your stb with new one and you will get a stb having old software.

3. Remove the card from the stb and power on it. And start adding new software.

4. Remember you have to add all channels you want because when you insert the card the stb will update automatically. But no problem you have done your job.

5. Insert the card and enjoy all channels. But never reset your stb, you will loose your channels.

After doing all this you can watch all the added channels for life. Thanks for reading and keep watching. Please do your value-able comment.